miercuri, 7 ianuarie 2015

The jesters cannot be heroes

The possession of some of scientific truths made the civilized societies to misconceive the human reality. The human reality is not a set of true and false beliefs about God, world, politics, and so on, but the sum of some practices in which they are fully involved like religion, the use of natural environment disregarding ecological doctrines, or the political heroism. They are not true or false, they simply exist.

As a proof of their existence, the modern societies replaced the above mentioned practices with shallow similar forms: the religion has been transformed into a shallow spirit of human harmony which was focused not on the human being as such, but especially on some particular categories of humans like sexual minorities; the ecology and natural science replaced the human preoccupation for using the nature; the political heroism became a cult of different ‘stars’, many of them belonging to the shallow domain of entertainment.

There is not an ideology for such transformations, but only a huge amount of beliefs which daily populate the human mind under the simpler forms of jokes, jests, comics largely transmitted through the modern means of communication (some jesters even became heroes).

Without an ideological support, the transformations cannot modify the human reality. They only stir that strategy by which humans defend themselves against the necessity of living their humanity. The beliefs which are addressed to other people keep us apart from an individual takeover of our humanity. The beliefs under the form of jokes even stop the inquiry into our humanity, since they make us to belief that even our human concerns about God or world are unserious matters.

Without modifying the human reality, the modern societies should ever be aware that the humanity keeps unaltered its historical power of producing heroes, worshipers, and a lot of people who deeply engaged themselves in living their life, not only with their words and sometimes by taking others’ lives.