joi, 5 februarie 2015

Rational aggression 

The thought or reason is considered as the main feature of human beings, since it empowers them with the possibility of choosing the best means of survival.

The ingenious or creative uses of reason cannot be attributed to the human species, as well as we do not attribute to any other species of animals the virtue of an individual animal trained in a circus, since the real creativity is possessed by only a minority of individuals.

All the rest of humans are rational being as long as they distinguish and select things using their rational endowment and we may testify they do this when they use the language.

The existence of the things to be selected is the necessary condition for making the selection. Once those things are at their disposal, humans use their reason with the docility showed by any animal when it selects the proper means of survival and its mates. That docility involves the loss of any interest in inquiring into the meaning or cause of the things exposed for being selected.

One community can keep the docility of its members if it offers a great span of things, so that to be hard to exhaust the selection and then to put questions about their meaning and utility.

The developed countries have the most peaceful citizens because they have enough material things to be selected and many public opinions to choose for digesting in their minds. Their animal docility is busy with those things and opinions. However, the animal docility cannot exclude the aggressive behavior which is specific to many animals.   In fact, the aggressive tendencies are only confined to the area of objects and ideas given for selection.

In the developed countries, the eagerness of acquiring material things and the vehemence in claiming some public opinions are generally considered as signs that their citizens have developed themselves by adopting a rational behavior. They seem even more rational when they are compared with the seemingly irrational behavior of the people from the undeveloped countries who commit many brutal atrocities endangering their lives, too. Though, perhaps the ‘irrational’ people do not differ so much from the ‘rational’ humans. The former only let free the aggressive tendency of human beings and afterward they attach to it the animal docility. The docility makes them to be faithful to the principles or ideas which motivate their aggressive behavior. Since such principles and ideas are not subsequent to the plurality of things and public opinions, they can even contain more rational ingeniousness than the most guiding ideas from the developed countries. Therefore, those who adopt ideas that motivate their aggressive behavior often feel that their humanity is better expressed in this way.