luni, 16 februarie 2015

The Limits of Western Prosperity


Maybe the political world does not change too much from an epoch to another, clearly different being only the public discourses. Through those discourses, the members of the political world hope to extend their limited number by conveying their messages to the larger public. They hope that once the messages will be received, the public opinion will change itself according to their will, so that their decisions will be largely accepted.

However, it is often a minor change, since the public can accept the decisions of the politicians, but not to change their way of life in order to fit them better.

The most important change of discourses in the contemporary West is the move of the focus from the national themes to those regarding their citizens: prosperity, individual freedom, and human rights. The envisaged change of the public opinion through those themes is insignificantly small. The public can accept or refuse one or another plan or idea of improving their prosperity and freedom, but nobody will put questions about the necessity of being prosperous or free. Therefore, the Western citizens have become largely insensitive to the concerns of the nation as a whole, about which the politicians are obliged to discuss time to time especially due to the international pressures.

Meanwhile, the politicians from the Eastern countries, and nowadays Russia, use discourses preponderantly about the national values. If their citizens seem to be responsive to their discourses, even if the politicians promote values which endanger their comfort, as it is especially the military braveness, this is not because they were easier movable by their politicians than the western people. Surely, they continue to live for their own interests, in spite of their acceptance of the political decisions. At the same time, the clear difference between the political discourses and their way of life raises their interest in discussing the political values about which the politicians talk.  More the powerful are those values, the citizens feel lesser inclined to oppose them because of their personal interests which are anytime smaller. Since the talk is an essential feature of human life and the citizens come to talk about the accepted political values, they are ready for defending them even putting their lives into danger.

Hence, it is an illusion that the promises of prosperity of the West can ever fascinate the eastern citizens fed with nationalistic discourses by their politicians. Also, it is hard to believe that the western citizens will endanger their comfort for defending their prosperous and free life only because the politicians tell them that it has come the time of considering the interests of their nations. The Western politicians should learn to speak another kind of discourses than now.