vineri, 27 martie 2015

False Rebirth

The discovery that you are in fact all that you talk about is putting you in the need of a rebirth. It should be a rebirth without words, as like as the first natural birth which happened through the speechless movement of two bodies.

The bodies were united by mutual love, but you have only the self-love.

Though we always love ourselves, it is hard to point to that sort of love without words and without external things and people. Only the creative spirit which stays behind our doings can be a proper expression of self-love.

Since it stays behind and many try to keep it there in order to preserve the common world, the rebirth often takes the form of acquiring new things and people around us.

It is a usual experience. Whenever we become aware that our many talks exhaust our personality, we try to reinvent ourselves by showing us to other talkers as owners of things and friends of different people or members of a family.

Finally, we discover that those things and people did not help to any rebirth, being only new subject matters of conversations.