duminică, 26 aprilie 2015

Lost possessions

A man is not a possession of another man, but they have each other through a net of connections. There are connections which express relations of agreement, disagreement, power, love, despise.

Some of those relations become social categories and groups, which spread their power over the entire society. A relation is a form of excluding the personal value of those who are in that relation. Someone who wants to become a member of those groups must renounce to himself, and thus become lacked by the self-possession which is the basis of all other possessions. He may have many things, since it is a main criterion of being accepted in a social category or group, but he cannot really possess them.

And if the material possession is irrelevant for being accepted in a social group, the spiritual acquisitions have a harsher fate. In spite of all the usual callings for developing a personal identity, someone who builds himself on the basis of his spiritual acquisitions is banned from any social group. He is accepted only if he diminishes their value and makes them parts of the social group.

The recovery of the material and spiritual possessions which we lose becoming members of a group take the form of the striving to climb on the top of the group and to make the other members to recognize your value, in spite of your lack of self-possession. The obedience of other people partly recovers your feeling that you possess something. In the case of material things, it is easy to lie yourself in this way, because the material things satisfy you like those who flatter you. In the case of spiritual possessions, they are totally contrary to any relation of submission, and once you accept a submitted public, you realize that you lost them twice, both by adhering to a social group for promoting them and by using them contrary to their purpose of having a value by themselves and not to be dependent on the public approval.