vineri, 1 mai 2015

Easy slogans

The violent acts of the people with low education are seen with contempt because they are rudimentary forms of expressing themselves. However, they are not ridiculous like any other rudimentary gestures, because those people raise through them their low and insignificant rank in the society.

The political correct and pacifist slogans repeated and developed by the high educated people would be perceived as ridiculous if they would not possess the main means of public authority. Because the high educated people who reduce their education to a bunch of words ridiculously prove by themselves that their high education leans only on a few ideas which anyone could learn in one hour or two.

If they are not received like ridiculous, the slogans still count like a light stuff to be digested by the public opinion. The low educated people with an easy life assimilate them because they found in them the easiness of their life. None of them accept the slogans because of their truth. Otherwise, those who live a hard life cannot be instructed by any of them, even if the slogans are issued by the people who suppose to be some unofficial teachers of the entire nation.