sâmbătă, 29 august 2015

Democratic Longing for Dictatorship

The people are not so hostile to dictatorship even in democratic countries.

On the contrary, during the electoral campaigns, when the people show most intensively than ever their interest in politics, they are generally preferred those politicians who speak like virtual dictators. The greatest success belongs to the candidates who speak as if their future position will depend entirely on their will like in dictatorial regimes.

Since people’s interest in politics harshly diminishes once their candidate has been elected, we don’t really know if they would tolerate a real dictatorship from their past favorite candidate, if the political constitution would allow it.

Maybe, they would not. However, the reason does not seem to be their refusal of the idea of being governed by the will of a single person, but rather their habit of being free from a continual appreciation of the elected politician. The dictators always want to invade the personal life of their people, but the people are mainly interested in the problems of their own lives. The tolerance to dictatorship is covertly used by many democratic politicians whenever they impose to the citizens certain beliefs which concern their life, for instance, concerning the sexual conduct, their relations to some categories of people, or their wealth. Generally, the way of hiding their person is to speak in the name of the people or of the country.