sâmbătă, 22 august 2015

Those Annoying Human Rights

Tissot, Emigrants
The crowds of migrants which invade European countries show in many faces that human being searched by many European thinkers for discovering the human rights.

It was that human being who is free from any political authority, who is defenseless, who struggles for its survival.

Many past thinkers collect the examples of that being from the savages met in colonial countries or from the stories about feral children in order to determine which are the primary human needs and rights.

Now, that human being is before European eyes in the flesh. However, it is not an object of study, neither an occasion to apply the respect for human rights, but a trouble for those countries which claim to be founded on the principle of respecting the human rights and on the principle of guaranteeing the chances for prosperity to every individual.

Those allegations prove to be wrong. The primeval human being they used seems to be an illusion. It was the illusion of a man who cannot really act for modifying the political and economical reality.

The significant change of society supposed by the focus on the human needs and rights was tempered by a sort of subjective emotional reactions concerning humans and animals.

Through the actual technological devices, many people can feel strong emotions about a humanitarian case or another. Such emotions are not caused by real people, but about their images represented in the media, which are in fact as illusory as the images of primeval human beings used by the past European thinkers. Moreover, the actual images are more vivid than the past ones, so that their watchers consume much of their sympathetic feelings only by watching them. The action for helping the people in need is viewed as an annoying complication. Similarly, the new migrants are considered by the political authorities annoying persons.

Therefore, the Europeans found themselves again in the past condition of only thinking about primary needs and rights of human beings. In the past, they thought of them and then they have been able to destroy some authoritarian political regimes. It is far more difficult to modify if not to destroy the great and convenient lie about human rights and prosperity which allegedly founded the new democratic regimes.