luni, 7 septembrie 2015

Blind Politicians

The incapacity of state to help the poorest or the most disadvantaged citizens of society is one of the most powerful objections of right wing politicians against the leftist theory about the redistribution of the goods of the society.

It is powerful, because it is confirmed in many countries. Besides, the state often helps citizens who only pretend to be in need.

If the state commits such errors, it will commit more of them if it helps the citizens to whom the people point.

The people do not have the mechanisms of surveillance for detecting the social needs. They only see other people in need, most of all looking to what media provide to them. And the media does not even intend to offer a comprehensive picture of the people in need, but only look for most emotional cases at stake which have a greater visibility.

In the problem of migrants, the media will show the people who actually leave their country, though the most disadvantaged ones are those who cannot afford to move from their fearful birthplaces. Also, the people who suffer great atrocities, but do not find the migration as an adequate solution are always ignored by the media and so by the public opinion and by the authorities preoccupied to answer to the public concerns.

In fact, there is a continual confusion between moral emotions and political virtues. The public opinion is rightly concerned and moved by what it sees, since it belongs to the living people with a limited capacity of being informed. The politicians of different countries must translate the public emotion in the language of political virtues in the name of the state which is an abstract entity with better sources of information. The actual emotions for migrants should correspond to the political resolutions for making the countries from which their people fled to respect the human dignity of their people, both of those who have and have not a good appearance in the media.

Otherwise, the mechanism of benefiting from visibility in order to receive help is easy to be learned by anyone and easier by the ones who want to cheat the small capacity of seeing of a country ruled by blind politicians who see only with the eyes of its people.